My Story

From beach-bum to resilience, confidence and wealth

My name is Ande, and this is my blog

What my uncle told me

I remember it clearly. It was 2006 in New Zealand. I was 25 years old at the time, visiting my uncle, a police investigator. Originally from South Africa, my uncle has seen his fair share of danger and knows how to judge people.

I remember greeting him for the first time after many years apart and gave him an update on my life. When he heard me talking he seemed surprised and then said something that shocked me. He said –

So you do have a personality!

I was taken aback. What was he talking about? But when I thought about it, he was absolutely right. For all my years growing up I didn’t have strong opinions. In fact, no opinions really, at least if I had them I didn’t voice them. So yeah, I was lacking a personality. Not only that, I was completely rudderless with nothing to look forward to, nothing seemed to interest me enough to make a career out of it.

I went to church because that pleased mum. I went to university because that pleased dad. I was just an auto pilot. In New Zealand where I grew up, we are very politically correct. I didn’t even dare to laugh at jokes, on pretty much any subject, in case that would offend people. I had become so polite and agreeable people would accuse me of being fake.

I had become an ass-kissing, smoke blowing, ego stroking beach-bum

Until I met my mentor.

The lion mentor

A few years before this meeting with my uncle, I had just turned 21 years old and I had started working with David Samuel, an entrepreneur and former zen monk who helped bring out the best in me. I remember him asking me where I saw myself in 5 years,

I said – “probably on the beach living off the dole”.

After this meeting with my uncle, I saw how these last few years of work with a mentor had changed me. I was determined more than ever that I would keep developing my personality and become a strong, tough and resilient individual.

With David’s training, I learned how to be a lion, not a sheep.

To carve out my own good luck and make the most of opportunities rather than wait passively and end up with other peoples leftovers.

By the time I was 30 years old I had already paid off my first house in Auckland, New Zealand. I then bought a second house and for the next eight years, I worked exhaustively until my net worth was USD$1million.

The military school

However, at 38 years old, I’d had enough. It was time for a sabbatical. I needed to completely break from my life as I knew it. Life must not be only work. I could feel myself going in circles. I needed a reboot.

After searching the world for the right experience, I found what I was looking for in South Africa. At one of the toughest private military schools in the world where they offer the same paratrooper training given to their special forces. I made friends for life with some of the students and learned skills and attitudes that will forever be useful to me.

I made this blog for all who dare to fulfil their destiny. I review on this site the best mentors, courses, products and business ideas needed to find your freedom, both financial and personal.

To your success!


30 years old and ecstatic after having paid off my first house in Auckland, New Zealand in 2012.
With my mentor David Samuel
38 years old, during my sabbatical year with my lead-tracker
during anti-poaching duty in South Africa 2019.
11,000 feet high above Pretoria during my free-fall training
With the love of my life, Pui Yee Lee, whom I proposed to in 2021